More trees for salt beds in Calpe Town

UNMOLESTED: Viewing salt beds without dirturbing wildlife Photo credit: Calpe town hall

CALPE town hall continues to improve the area adjoining the Las Salinas salt beds.

Existing paths have been improved and others created, encircling Las Salinas, while a  163-metre wooden walkway allows visitors to view the salt beds without disturbing the famous flamingos and other birds during the nesting period.

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The town hall is currently repopulating and planting 27,800 square metres of land where vegetation was limited to bushes and dried-up mimosa trees.

These have been replaced with mulberry trees, arbutus, carobs, olives, poplars, pomegranates and fig trees, all native species suited to the soil and conditions in this area.

The €62,213 cost has been met by the provincial council, the Diputacion, completing the Tree Reforestation Scheme that was included in Calpe’s plans submitted to Brussels for the EU’s EDUSI development fund.

This initiative consists of creating a Green Corridor that will connect Calpe’s town centre with Las Salinas and the beaches, at the same time smartening the town by recovering the town’s greens spaces and regenerating run-down urban zones.


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