Human foot found after floods in Madrid

Making an insurance claim after the storms Credit: Google Images

LOWERING water levels revealed a gruesome find in Arganda del Rey (Madrid) – severed human foot.

Now police are investigating and a search has started for other parts of the body.

Teenagers found the foot on August 27 in mud exposed on the river Jarama as the floods that hit the area earlier in the week receded.


After the discovery, Local Police and Guardia Civil were called to the scene.

An ambulance was also sent in case the foot belonged to a flood victim and medical care might be needed.

Police have discounted the flood victim theory, and have sent the foot for scientific examination to see if a date can be set for when it was severed.

The town was the worst hit when torrential rain and hail hit the Madrid region. The town’s market was all but destroyed and many shops severely damaged as the streets were flooded.


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