Drug mule arrested in Calas de Mallorca in Manacor

PELLETS: A man has been arrested in Manacor for transporting drugs in his body to Mallorca. CREDIT: Policia Nacional

A MAN has been arrested by National Police officers in Calas de Mallorca in Manacor after 20 pellets filled with hashish were found in his car and 43 more in his body.

The man reportedly raised suspicion due to his nervousness and profuse sweating during a routine check by National Police. After questioning the man, officers discovered that he was acting as a ‘mule’ and, therefore, there was a good chance that he would have more drugs in his body.

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He was then taken to the Manacor hospital where x-rays detected 43 foreign bodies lodged in his intestine. Once they were expelled, 63 hashish dates weighing half a kilo were counted.

It appears that the Spanish suspect, had been transporting drugs for at least a year. In recent months, he had made numerous trips to Morocco, where he would have acquired the hashish and transported it to a third party in Mallorca


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