Vera Council organised a fun workshop for children

INTEGRATION: The council said the initiative was based on the premise “together is better.” CREDIT: Vera Council

FOR the fifth year running Vera Council organised a fun workshop for children aimed at integrating youngsters with special educational needs.

Some 100 local boys and girls took part in the Education department and summer play centre initiative, which the local council said was based on the premise “together is better.”

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Staged in Vera town’s central Plaza Mayor, specialised monitors organised different activities and a series of multisensory games.

Vera Mayor Jose Carmelo inaugurated the workshop, stressing the local authority’s support for “the integration and education of everyone through the play centre and the other municipal education centres and activities such as this.”

Play centre pupils then read out the ‘being different is fun’ manifesto, which was followed by a message of support from Education councillor Caroline Perez.

“We are all equal and we are all different, because we all have a condition, a characteristic, a value which makes us different from our friend, our neighbour, our colleague, and this is great because life can be seen from many viewpoints and colours”, the councillor said.

The councillor told the children they are all “a key piece in a mechanism which includes differences with tolerance.”


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