The BioRitme festival in Barcelona has banned a Rap group from performing

DECISION: The Seville based rap group SFDK no longer welcome at BioRitme Festival. CREDIT: Facebook / SFDK

The BioRitme Festival has denounced the hip hop group SFDK for rejecting a gender training course after a complaint by a festival assistant was lodged regarding the groups apparently sexist lyrics.

The organisers of the festival requested that the group, following their performance, took part in a gender sensitivity course.

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They refused and therefore the festival organising committee banned the duo from performing there again.

The woman who lodged the complaint met with the band afterwards along with members of the gender commission to explain that the lyrics “hurt her feelings” and that their performance went against the festival’s “protocol against machista aggressions”.

Following the meeting and the apparent attitude and difficult nature of the band’s management, the decision was made.

“The BioRitme Festival we are working for the construction of leisure spaces with a feminist perspective”, said a spokesperson for the organisation.

“BioRitme is working to prevent, tackle and make visible the machista and LGBT aggressions and we understand this performance as part of the problem. Likewise, it is not the objective of this committee, nor of the festival, to initiate a confrontation towards SFDK or people,” the source concluded.


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