Spaniard tourist’s door mistake creates Munich airport chaos

Spaniard tourist’s door mistake creates Munich airport chaos Credit: Shutterstock

A YOUNG Spaniard caused chaos at Munich airport when he opened the wrong door triggering alarms.

The security scare at Germany’s second busiest airport on Tuesday morning forced the evacuation of large parts of two terminals and led to the cancellation of more than 130 flights. The situation affected some 1,800 passengers, and airlines had to put up around 1,000 in hotels close to the airport for the night.

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The major disruption followed the young man’s mistake of pressing the button on an emergency exit door into an area restricted to passengers who have gone through additional security screening, according to media reports.

He had come into Munich from Bangkok to connect with a Madrid flight and reportedly got separated from the rest of his group after nipping to the toilet. He got confused as to which was to go and went in the wrong direction.

German police swiftly detained and interviewed the young man while sections of the airport were cleared and searched in accordance with EU protocol.

Flights had resumed by mid-morning.

The police said they will not be pressing charges against the Spanish tourist.


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