Pitching in to keep beaches trash-free in Vera

Vera Beach
BLITZ: Some 200 beachgoers helped collect more than 300 kilos of rubbish. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Vera

BEACHGOERS have been helping keep Vera’s coastline trash and plastic-free and to protect the local ecosystem.

Vera council’s ‘My pretty beach’ campaign saw some 200 holidaymakers and local residents of all ages take part in a blitz on rubbish discarded at Las Marinas-Bolaga, together collecting nearly 330 kilos of residues.

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Local councillors were among those encouraging members of the public to pitch in and to do their bit. They gave out gloves and containers for depositing the rubbish they found, which included discarded shoes, tin cans, cigarette butts, plastic bottles, bags and bits of paper.

They could then hand in their booty in exchange for recycled items at an eco-market and tickets for a bouncy castle.

Council Environment expert in charge of the project, Monica Motos, explained the project has not only been about ridding the municipality’s busiest beaches of refuse during the busy summer holiday season, but also aimed to “educate and raise awareness” about the importance of conserving what are natural resources and of valuing the natural environment.


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