Man jailed for Threatening Wife in Valencia

THREATS: The mother and daughter were only given €5,000 from the €150,000 fee the detainee was forced to pay them by the court CREDIT: Pixabay

AN ELDERLY man from Valencia has been arrested for threatening to kill his 83-year-old wife if she didn’t have sex with him.

The 87-year-old man was in prison from 2004 until only three months ago when he was released on parol. He was originally jailed for murdering his son-in-law with a shotgun in the street.

Sources close to the victim’s family state that the wife was in the process of getting a divorce from the detainee but the pair still lived in the same building in San Joan d’Alacant, albeit in separate sections.


The man reportedly forced himself on his wife and demanded that she have sex with him and then threatened her by eluding to ‘the cemetery awaits’, or words to that effect.

The authorities in Alicante took the threat seriously due to the violent history of the man and arrested him after his wife and step-daughter went to the Guardia Civil in San Joan d’Alacant to report the incident.

The prosecutor’s office are seeking a prison sentence of three years and three months for threatening murder and domestic violence.


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