Food poisoning affects 38 people after eating in a Japanese restaurant in Palma

POORLY: 38 people have suffered severe food poisoning after eating at a restaurant on Calle Blanquerna Credit: Twitter @Drac Sushi

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that 38 people were poisoned after eating at a Japanese restaurant located on Calle Blanquerna in Palma last weekend.

“Right now the cases are being treated by the department of epidemiology,” said the councillor. Gomez explained that the patients were asked where they had eaten and when the same restaurant was mentioned an investigation was launched and the restaurant was closed on Sunday as a precaution. Inspectors went to the restaurant to try and locate the source of the poisoning.

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“At the moment the patients in Son Llatzer and Son Espases are being cultured to investigate whether the cause has been a virus or a bacterium, nothing is discarded”, said Gómez and it is possible that there are more people suffering that have not been to the hospital.

The people suffering with the food poisoning began to feel bad after eating in the restaurant last weekend and went to hospital with all the symptoms of severe gastroenteritis and two have been diagnosed with salmonella poisoning.

The Minister of Health also ruled out that there may be outbreaks of listeria in the Balearic Islands “because the contaminated meat has not been distributed here, but someone may have gone to Andalucia and returned to Mallorca”.


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