Ambulance crew had dog set on them in Spain

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AN ambulance man was bitten when a woman who did not like the treatment he was giving a relative of hers set a dog on him.

When the woman owner of the animal refused to call off the animal the two ambulance crew had to take refuge in the kitchen of the home they were called to and phone police for help.

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Now a 50-year-old woman has been arrested in San Sebastian on charges of attacking health workers.

According to police the woman had become very aggressive and disagreed with the crew over the treatment being given. She then opened a door to another room and let out a Boxer dog, which attacked the health personnel.

The woman ignored the repeated requests of the crew to control the dog and they had to take refuge in the kitchen.

The bitten man needed hospital treatment, while the woman was arrested. A second person in the house is under investigation for the same reasons.


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