22 years ago today and Princess Diana’s light still shines strong

Today marks the 22nd Anniversary of Princess Diana's passing Credit: Wikimedia Commons

On the 31st August, 1997, Princess Diana died after the Mercedes S280 limo she was in crashed into the 13th pillar of the Pond D’Alma tunnel near the river Seine. Her death shook the country and left in mourning millions of people across the country and the world.

Diana was the “People’s Princess”, and left behind a huge charitable legacy. Her anti-landmine efforts have been hailed as a “turning point” for campaigners. Her humanitarian work help to change peoples perception of AIDs victims in the 80s.

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Today marks the 22nd Anniversary of Princess Diana’s passing. She would have been 58 years old if she were still alive.

Here are some of her most famous quotes:

“I like to be a free spirit. Some don’t like that, but that’s the way I am.”

“A mother’s arms are more comforting than anyone else’s.”

“I don’t go by the rule book … I lead from the heart, not the head.”

“I knew what my job was; it was to go out and meet the people and love them.”

“If you find someone you love in your life, then hang onto them.”

“I’d like to be a queen in people’s hearts.”  


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