Spanish murder suspect intercepted in LAX

INTERCEPTED: A Spanish citizen was arrested on suspected murder charges in LAX. CREDIT: Wikipedia

A SPANISH citizen has been arrested on suspicion of killing a man after trying to enter the United States from Mexico yesterday (Thursday)

The 19-year-old was intercepted at LAX airport in Los Angeles after trying to enter the country as a tourist, however border control found him to be very nervous, fidgety and carrying a second passport.

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He was taken for further investigation and it was found that he had a video no his mobile phone of him kicking a man whilst he was on the ground.

According to reports the man confessed to having caught the victim with his girlfriend. It is alleged that he then stuck him over the head with a heavy object and kicked him whilst he was incapacitated on the ground.

It is alleged that, after realising he had killed the man, he placed the body in the boot of his car.

American officials contacted the Mexican police and gave them the location of the alleged crime and they found a body in the boot of the vehicle.

The suspect was denied entry to the US and FBI and CBP officials escorted him back to Mexico City.

Carlos Martel, CBP director of field operations in Los Angeles, described the agents’ work as, “an extraordinary story of vigilance that underscores our critical border security mission.”


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