Market intelligence report highlighted the fact people are ashamed of flying

LAPLAND, FINLAND: Andrea Hatfield (Cabin Crew) gets into the Christmas spirit onboard a special charter to Lapland from London Gatwick on 07 December 2015

A RECENTLY released report compiled by market intelligence agency Mintel has highlighted the fact that many people who fly are embarrassed about the damage to the environment and even more don’t want to talk to the cabin crew.

Following the decision by transportation company Uber to offer customers in America the option of minimal conversation with drivers, this report discovered that more than 50 per cent of Britain’s 25 to 34-year-olds (Millennials) who have flown in the last year would prefer not to engage in conversation with airline staff.

In fact more than 25 per cent of all age groups questioned in the 2,000 person survey have indicated that they want to get on with using their own equipment to watch movies, read, listen to music or on certain internet enabled flights check and post on Social Media.


Undoubtedly more passengers are becoming alert to the possible damage that flying may be doing to the environment and around half of all passengers want to see airlines investing in discovering alternative fuels or electric planes with nearly one third admitting to feeling ashamed to be flying at all.

Despite their good intentions however, they still choose to fly and less than 10 per cent even bother to take note of the environmental policy of an airline when making their booking.


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