Babies left in car in Velez Malaga

ABANDONED: Local Police rescue two babies from a car in the El Ingenio shopping centre. CREDIT: Facebook

SECURITY GUARDS at the El Ingenio shopping centre in Velez Malaga rescued two 18-month-old children from a locked car left in the hot sun whilst the mother was shopping inside.

The events occurred at around 2pm on Tuesday (August 27) when shoppers passing the vehicle noticed the cries of the children inside, still in their travel chairs and with only a few centimetres of window open.

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According to local reports, security guards first attended the scene who then notified the Local Police who removed the children from the car.

Minutes after removing the children, an eight-year-old boy approached the officers and explained he was the children’s brother. He led them to the mother who was inside the shopping centre buying clothes with their elder sister.

It emerged that the family were of German nationality and that they were on holiday in the area for a few days.

The mother of the children was arrested for the alleged crime of abandonment of minors at risk to their lives.


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