Animal circus ban on the cards in Almeria

Animal circus
LEGAL BACKING: The new bylaw will have to be approved at a council plenary meeting. CREDIT: Shutterstock

ALMERIA council wants to ban circuses with wild animals from the city.

Environmental Sustainability councillor Margarita Cobos announced this week that her department is currently drafting a regulation which would prohibit circuses which use wild animals in their acts from the provincial capital.

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Municipal experts are gathering information to formalise a new animal welfare bylaw or to broaden the scope of current city norms on animal ownership, which will then have to be approved at a council plenary meeting.

Cobos said this would give legal backing to the council position, also pointing out a ban on animal circuses ban is a policy which has been adopted in other Spanish municipalities.

The city council is also planning to introduce the Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) system to control feral cat colonies.

The councillor said animal associations are in favour of the system.


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