An incredible journey of 600 kilometres to Andalucia Province

Iberian Lynx
Iberian Lynx (stock photo) Credit: Facebook Lynx ex-situ

IN November of 2013, a female Iberian Lynx, now named Carla, injured and weighing just seven kilos was found in the Natural Park of the Sierra de Andújar in Jaen.

Experts believed that she had been involved in a fight with another lynx over territory and possibly a male.

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Carla was cared for and after recovering was released back into the wild in January 2014 also in Jaen but several years later, in December 2018, she was one again discovered in a very poor condition weighing just six kilos near Ciudad Real and was considered close to death.

After nursing her back to health, she was acclimatised back into the wild in a specially fenced off area which was teeming with rabbits and after 40 days was then released to fend for herself in the Cabañeros National Park in April of this year.

Rather than stay there however, Carla started on her incredible journey and was recently spotted in healthy condition some 600 kilometres away near to Cordoba and scientists have learnt a great deal about the habits and movements of this protected species from the journey of just one animal.


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