A busy week for Gibraltar Customs with cigarettes, drugs and money seized

Drug smuggling jet ski
The Jet Ski which was used to smuggle drugs Credit: HM Customs Gibraltar

THIS last week has seen a great deal of activity for Gibraltar customs officers on both land and sea with a number of arrests and seizures.

First, officers chased a suspect vehicle which they believed contained contraband tobacco and the occupants having abandoned the vehicle and making a getaway by sea left behind 200 cartons of cigarettes which were removed from the stationary vehicle.

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Secondly, a marine crew on routine patrol in offshore waters challenged a Jet Ski manned by three individuals and when they searched the craft, they discovered 1.5 kilos of cannabis resin.

All three men were arrested and charged with importing a controlled drug but when interviewed at the police station, one was also charged with illegal entry into Gibraltar whilst a second was further charged with assisting illegal immigration.

All of those arrested were remanded in custody prior to a court appearance.

Having removed cigarettes and drugs from alleged criminals, officers also confiscated cash totalling €4,540 considered to have been obtained contrary to the Proceeds of Crime Act


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