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GLOBAL WARMING: There’s no doubt the climate is shifting
GLOBAL WARMING: There’s no doubt the climate is shifting.

I’M just not too sure about all this global warming, climate change and carbon emission controversy. There is of course no doubt that the Earth’s climate is shifting. The floods, storms and melting Polar caps are positive proof of that. I’m just not quite convinced that the reasons for these phenomenas are actually those that all the ‘greenies’ and tree huggers would lead us to believe.

After all, there were no carbon spewing autos, jet guzzlers or farting livestock, (excluding the dinosaurs of course) when the world endured its Ice Ages and oceans receded to reveal previously sunken mountains across the surface of the Earth. One of the facts our ‘saviours’ of the planet seem to conveniently ignore, are the movements of the globe itself.

Our wondrous ‘spaceship’ does not revolve smoothly on its axis. It does in fact ‘wobble’ slightly. The smallest shift of such a vast body can of course have an enormous effect on its climate.


This happens roughly every 26,000 years and, according to scientists, at this moment in time we are also in the middle of our fifth major ice age. Bearing all this in mind, it stands to reason that the climatic effects we are experiencing appear inevitable and simply require us to deal with them as best we can.

I’m always suspicious of those who work in departments that earn tax payers money by spreading fear factors among the populace. After all, if they can’t find anything to blame us for, they’d all be out of work wouldn’t they?

As far as all the hysteria surrounding the Windsors using a private jet to travel to the Balearics last week, I do agree 100 per cent that, apropos their stand on carbon emission, it certainly reeks of pure hypocrisy. I do however; question the motives of those objecting the loudest. Can I detect just a weeny touch of envy tucked away in there somewhere?

I wonder how many of them, given the opportunity to climb aboard Elton John’s private jet and be whisked off to party on a sun drenched Mediterranean Isle would give it a second thought. Mmm? I also vehemently disagree with Elton John trying to play the righteous card by ‘off setting’ any pollution emission damage with donations to the somewhat dubious ‘Carbon Footprint Company.’

This is the unacceptable face of the privileged and arrogant, basically informing us that if you have the finances you can do just about anything. A line of reasoning that would suggest that it’s ok to drive down a high street in the Bentley killing and maiming pedestrians provided you make a large enough donation to the local hospital. No, Sorry Mr John doesn’t quite wash with me.

My heart went out this week to my beautiful daughter Rebecca and her partner Alba. Tragically their beloved pet was knocked down and killed by a hit and run driver outside our home. She was a wonderful and captivating sweet canine soul. We are all totally devastated.

RIP young Molly. Sadly missed.

Keep the Faith    
Love Leapy
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