Luis Enrique confirms heartbreaking news that his nine-year-old daughter has died from cancer

Luis Enrique with his daughter Xana Credit: Twitter

Enrique, former technical director of Barcelona and Spain, stepped down from his role as Spain’s manager earlier this year to focus on his daughter’s illness.

His daughter, Xana, fought osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer, for five months. Enrique announced the heartbreaking news on his Twitter account earlier today (Thursday).

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The statement translated into English reads as follows:

“Our daughter Xana has passed away this afternoon at the age of nine after fighting for five intense months against osteosarcoma. We thank you for all the samples of affection received during these months and we appreciate the discretion and understanding.

Also thank the staff of the hospitals Sant Joan de Deu and Sant Pau for their dedication and treatment, doctors, nurses and all volunteers. With a special mention for the palliative priests team of Sant Joan de Deu.

We will miss you very much but we will remind you every day of our lives in the hope that in the future we will meet again. You will be the star that guides our family.

Rest Xanita.

Martínez Cullell family.”

As well as coaching Barcelona and Spain, Enrique was also a top player during his playing days, representing both Real Madrid and Barcelona and winning 62 caps for the Spanish national team and has long been considered one of the finest tacticians in Europe.


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