Life coaching with a very dark twist at La Sala

Svetlana Stanislav
LIFE COACHING: The Svetlana Stanislav way Credit: Danni Ravden Facebook

IF you like Borat, then you will probably love the dark lifestyle coaching of Svetlana Stanislav who admits that she has the mouth of a drunken Russian pirate.

She is the alter ego of British actress and comedian Danni Ravden who spent many years in the USA learning her craft (and waiting tables) before training as a nutritionist and life coach and also went to India to train as a yoga teacher and find herself.

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She then discovered that she hated yoga and she’s still thinking about the rest.

In the meantime however, she created Svetlana and produced a series of ‘self-help’ videos which have received thousands of views on YouTube as fans are amused by her often controversial advice about everyday problems.

She is a regular visitor to Marbella and will be appearing at La Sala in Banus this coming Wednesday September 3 at the Live Lounge where audiences will be thrilled by her amusing observations on life although she does warn that Svetlana has strong opinions, coarse language, decidedly offensive comments and plenty of jokes.

To make a reservation for the show which starts at 7.30pm and costs €33 per person to include a welcome glass of cava and a two course meal email or call 952 814 145.


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