Blue zone parking in Torre del Mar

PARKING CONCERNS: The promenade of Torre del Mar. CREDIT: Wikipedia

PP LEADER Delgado Bonilla has reminded the current government of Torre del Mar that the bill had been passed back in April to enforce blue zone parking along stretches of the Torre del Mar coastline. 

However even though the move was voted for unanimously in favour, it has yet to be implemented.

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The party leader insists that the adding of pay and display machines is “necessary to facilitate mobility and rotation of vehicles in an area in high demand by residents and businesses.”

The leader is concerned that the busy area along the promenade has turned into an area where holiday makers park their vehicles there for long durations without proper management and control.

He explained that it is necessary to “facilitate equal access of all drivers to these parking areas and therefore end the almost private use that some users make of them.”

The PP has urged the council to re-evaluate the proposal that was originally passed urgently for application. 


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