Beaches in Murcia Safer than Ever

Murcia Beach

STATISTICS collated from the Murcia town hall have shown that this summer there have been 14 per cent less casualties on the beaches of Murcia compared to the same period of last year.

The beach rescue teams have had to assist with over 39,800 cases of potential danger this year from June 15 to August 15 which may seem a lot in a short space of time but it is 3,366 cases less than last year.

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Most of these cases required the emergency teams to provide basic first aid to the public due to injuries sustained from rocks or fish in the sea. There have also been a high number of allergic reactions this year that have required the teams to break out the medical kits.

More serious cases involving a search, locate and rescue missions were less frequent. 172 people and 26 boats were brought back to the shore this year. Of these, there were three that died from asphyxiation and six that suffered serious cardiac arrests.


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