Minor arrested for pointing laser at planes

Police located a 16 year-old on the roof of a building with a 16-centimetre pointer aiming at landing planes. Credit: Shutterstock

National Police agents arrested a 16 year-old minor in Valencia last week who had used a laser pointer to dazzle three planes whilst they were landing at Manises airport.

According to police sources, the agents intervened a laser pointer of about sixteen centimetres. The events occurred after midnight last Thursday when the agents were alerted by 091 to go to the Avenida del Cid, in Valencia, where it appeared that several people were aiming at the planes with laser pointers whilst the planes were preparing to land.

Whilst the Police agents were searching the area to locate the exact address, they received further information from the pilot of another plane who had apparently sited the beam to come from the roof of a nearby building. Said building was located and upon accessing the rooftop they observed a young man, alone, with a green laser pointer sticking out of his right front trouser pocket. The minor admitted to pointing at the planes with the pointer. After being arrested, the 16 year-old gave a statement and was then released and handed over to his parents.



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