Sewage in the Sea in Palma de Mallorca

Sea Sewage
CRIME: The sewage in the Palma area runs parallel to the drainage network which is unusual CREDIT: Flickr

Neus Truyol, former president of the water and sewage company Emaya in the Municipality of Palma de Mallorca has been accused of organising crimes against the environment.

The Civil Protection Service is known as ‘Seprona’ which is a subdivision of the Guardia Civil started investigating an apparent sewage leak that was pumping wastewater into the sea off the shore of Palma last year.

The municipal government of Palma are backing Neus Truyol, former manager Imma Mayol and the rest of the Emaya team that are purported to have leaked gallons of sewage into the ocean illegally.


They claim that there was nothing out of the ordinary in how the waste was being disposed of, stating that the council safely expels sewage into the ocean periodically when there is a temporary increase in population during the summer months and storms that cause severe runoff in some areas along the Balearic coast.

‘Case Emya’ has been taken to the courts and due to its complex nature, the judge will have to take into account the potential embezzlement of public funds that Truyol has been accused of peripherally.


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