Don Juan Carlos is recovering well after his operation

King Juan Carlos
Former King Juan Carlos 1 Credit: Google Images

FORMER King of Spain, Don Juan Carlos is recovering well after undergoing a triple heart bypass operation according to medical staff.

Dr. Lucía Alonso, managing director of Quirón hospitals in Madrid, explained that the King’s father spent his first night in the intensive care unit after undergoing open heart surgery.

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“He is in a good mood, he has risen and started to eat”, explained Dr. Lucía.

“He is awake, with a normal neurological function, breathing spontaneously without ventilators and with minimal vasoactive support,”

Doña Sofía and Felipe VI arrived on Saturday with the operation already underway and left early in the afternoon.

On leaving the hospital after the operation, the king indicated that he had spoken to his father and that he was: “All right, with the logical discomfort, but evolving well within what the doctors consider right and proper.

“It’s not much to complain about,” he joked.

Throughout this week he is expected to receive visits from the rest of his family, including both his daughters Doña Elena and Doña Cristina

The operation was performed by prestigious doctor Alberto Forteza Gil, head of the Cardiac Surgery Service of the University Hospital Quirón de Pozuelo, Madrid.


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