Biblical-style floods hit Madrid

Madrid is rocked by hail and floods Credit: Twitter

Heavy rains and hail rocked the Spanish capital city Madrid yesterday afternoon (Monday). Vehicles were washed away by the gushing stream in streets where the skies collapsed in just a few minutes causing ‘biblical-style’ flooding and scenes of chaos.

The storm started around 6pm and only lasted about 10 minutes but caused disaster in the capital’s streets.

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Parts of the M40 and M30 motorways were cut off, while lines 5 and 9 of the metro were also affected.

Arganda, an area just south east of the capital saw 40 litres of hail fall per square metre between 5.30pm and 6pm. Where there alone, at least 50 vehicles have been damaged and several vineyards have also been destroyed.

The president of the community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz declared the state of emergency with orange colour and ordered the intervention of all fire units in more than 200 points of the city.


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