A CRIMINAL investigation into Spain’s Listeriosis outbreak has been opened.

New listeria alert for Spanish meat loaf Credit: Facebook La Mecha

The Higher Prosecutor’s Office of Andalucia has opened a case to look into meat products produced and distributed by Magrudis.

The outbreak has so far caused two deaths, a miscarriage and affected more than 200 people.

It has been revealed that Magrudis processed some of the meat affected in new facilities without first notifying the Junta de Andalucía of the expansion of its facilities or having them inspected first.


The Minister of Health, Maria Luisa Carcedo, warned that “something has failed” over the handling of the outbreak, saying that Spain is one of the most “demanding” and “rigorous” countries when it comes to food safety.

Now experts are saying that the worst of the outbreak is over, with one or two new cases being reported daily as opposed to 30 a day at its peak.


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