Two men with severe hypothermia rescued by police in the Strait of Gibraltar

CLOSE TRAGEDY: Two men suffering from severe hypothermia and close to death rescued. Credit: Shutterstock

Two men suffering from severe hypothermia and close to death were saved from the sea by a Gibraltarian police crew.

The alarm was raised by Spain’s maritime rescue service, Salvamento Marítimo, who informed that two men were missing in the Bay of Gibraltar. The police quickly launched a cross-border search and rescue operation. After several erroneous starts, information was received from the LNG Kano that the the two men had been spotted 6.9 nautical miles into the strait.

Crew on the Royal Gibraltar Police vessel Sir Francis Richards finally found the men nearly seven miles south-east of the Rock. Both men were clinging to a jet ski in the Strait of Gibraltar suffering from severe hypothermia and close to death.


“The initial report suggested that the individuals were either dead or in very poor condition,” a police spokesman said.

Shortly after, the Salvamento Marítimo vessel Salvamar Atria arrived at the scene and the two men were transferred onboard and given immediate medical attention by the Salvamar crew. The police spokesman added that the men would not have survived exposure to the elements much longer.

Acting Commissioner Richard Ullger praised the close coordination and cooperation between local and Spanish search and rescue organisations and maritime assets for their efforts to save the lives of these two individuals.



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