Something fishy going on

Something fishy going on CREDIT: Guardia Civil

POLICE in Vitoria impounded 120 kilos of tuna found inside the type of trailer generally used for hunting dogs.

They were alerted after seeing a car and trailer habitually using a space reserved for unloading, even after they had fined the owner for parking there on a previous occasion.

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They suspected that it was being used to deliver perishable goods, a suspicion that was confirmed after they noticed a strong smell of fish coming from the trailer.

They found that several tuna had already been delivered to a nearby fishmonger while others were still inside the trailer.

In all, the police confiscated seven fish weighing 120 kilos, after which it was taken to the municipal vet for analysis who confirmed that the cold chain had been broken.

As the temperature was 16C or higher inside the trailer, which did not comply with hygiene standards, all the tuna was destroyed and proceedings started against the 64-year-old man who was caught delivering the fish.


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