Jet aircraft crashes into the sea off the coast of La Manga

CASA C-101 used by the Spanish Airforce, similar to the one that crashed this morning. Source: Wikipedia

A jet training aircraft has been filmed crashing into the sea off the coast of La Manga, Murcia this morning (Monday).

According to police reports, the jet was a CASA C-101 of the Spanish Air force that was undertaking a training flight when the pilot got into unknown difficulties.

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Hundreds of calls were made to the 112 emergency services at around 9.30am that an aircraft has crashed into the water.

The pilot, allegedly an instructor, managed to eject before the aircraft hit the water and is currently being rescued by rescue boats.

The C-101 is a veteran Air Force training aircraft. Acquired in the 70s from the company CASA, the aircraft continues to be used by the General Academy of Air of San Javier (Murcia) as part of their advanced training program.


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