Pause for faith

Christian faith as being so unscientific

IT’S funny how often I find friends questioning my Christian faith as being so unscientific, for one, like myself, who’s normally reckoned to have a logical mind. 

“So why,” I usually respond, “would you consider faith to be illogical?” For to me, faith is the extremely logical link that bridges many otherwise incomprehensible phenomena that defy my understanding. 

And before doubting my reasoning too much, I would suggest that all of us at times put our faith in people and things we don’t fully understand. For how many among us really understand how a large metal object is able to raise itself off the ground? Yet most of us are content to put our faith in the experts who design, build and fly aeroplanes, regularly committing ourselves to travel large distances by air.


And in that faith, we all accept that an aircraft has to have been designed and built by an incredibly clever team of engineers; no way could it possibly have just materialised entirely by chance! That would be a ridiculous suggestion! Yet many folk become that ridiculous when they consider the Universe and all that’s in it, suggesting that it and all living things on Earth merely happened by random chance. 

How much more logical is it that I, as a Christian, whilst unable to fully comprehend the incredible processes by which the universe was created, conclude that, like an aircraft, it was designed and built by a being of amazing ability and power? And that being I just happen to know as God.

So I would suggest that if it is considered reasonable for us to put our faith in a fallible team of engineers as we fly around the world in their creation, then how much more reasonable is it for us to put our faith in the one who designed the entire universe?

So no, I do not believe there is anything illogical about my faith in God. On the contrary, I really question the logic of those who deny the existence of God, and have no desire to learn more of this incredible creator.

Duncan Burr is Licensed Lay Reader for the Anglican Chaplaincy of Costa Almeria and Costa Calida (further detail available at and may be contacted at [email protected]


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