Airport security streamlined by 2022

Airport security will be streamlined by 2022 with the introduction of 3D scanners.

By 2022, all UK airports will have introduced 3D scanning technology for security checks on luggage.

The new machines will make baggage screening at the security checkpoints a lot more efficient and hopefully end long queues at the busier airports.

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The equipment is similar to CT scanners that are used in hospitals and provides a clearer picture of a bag’s contents, which airport employees can zoom in to and rotate for inspection. The machines are already being installed at London’s Heathrow Airport.

By installing the new equipment it will likely mean the end of the 100ml liquid restrictions. Since 2006, passengers have had to carry all toiletries and liquids in a separate bag that cannot be over 100ml. Also, all laptops and electronic devices have to be removed from bags to go through the scanner.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the new equipment means “no more pulling out your socks and your underwear, and having to separate your liquids and and take your laptops out”.

He also stated that aviation companies will pay for the new equipment rather than the taxpayer.


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