Police save woman from herself

RISK: A police officer used his shield as protection when the woman lunged at him with a knife. CREDIT: Policia Nacional Almeria

POLICE forced their way into a property in Almeria prompted by fears a woman could do herself or others harm after suffering a psychotic breakdown.

Local police, the fire service and the 061 health emergency service requested the national police assistance in order to transfer the woman to the Torrecardenas hospital psychiatric unit.

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When national police officers arrived at the property in Calle Ferrocarril the doctor with the judicial authorisation to follow the protocol for this kind of situation explained it had been impossible to move the patient, who suffers from serious psychiatric problems and was armed with a knife.

The decision was taken to raise up a fire engine ladder to the third floor apartment.

Officers smashed through a window. At that instant the woman lunged forward with the knife in her hand and shouting at the policeman in front, who had to protect himself with his shield.

In a matter of seconds the officers had immobilised the woman and let in the health team to examine her and take her to hospital.

La Policía Nacional irrumpe en una vivienda para rescatar a una mujer que sufría un brote psicótico

🚨 La Policía Nacional irrumpe en una vivienda para rescatar a una mujer que sufría un brote psicótico y que portaba un cuchillo.Según manifestaciones del personal médico, se había intentado su traslado al hospital, pero había sido imposible ya que al ir armada y padecer problemas psiquiátricos importantes, había peligro de que se autolesionara o lesionara a terceros.Los agentes entraron en la vivienda por la ventana, gracias a la ayuda del equipo de bomberos, momento en el que la mujer se abalanzó gritando con el cuchillo. Gracias a la rápida actuación de los policías pudo ser trasladada sin lesión alguna al hospital. 🏥 👌

Geplaatst door Policía Nacional op Donderdag 22 augustus 2019


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