Life sentence for man who killed a top golfer from Spain

Celia Barquin, top Spanish golfer murdered last September Credit: Facebook

The man who fatally stabbed a former Iowa State University golfer from Spain while she was playing a round near the school has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Barquin was a top golfer in Spain as a teenager and came to Iowa State to pursue her career.

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Collin Richards pleaded guilty on June 14 to first-degree murder of 22-year-old Celia Barquin Arozamena. The incident took place last September 17. Police said Richards stabbed her on the course near the central Iowa campus in Ames and left her body in a pond.

Authorities have not been able to explain why Richards did it, though it has been stated that Richards had been staying at a homeless encampment in nearby woods. Ames police reports show that Richards struggled with drug and alcohol abuse, mental health problems and homelessness after he got out of prison three months before he killed Barquin.

Richards’ family and friends have said his dependence on methamphetamine and other drugs likely led to mental health issues and the violence.


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