Spanish woman ‘killed by her German boyfriend’

Photo Credit: Flickr Gema’s coworkers paid for her body to be sent back to Spain

A YOUNG woman from Fuenlabrada has been killed in Mannheim, Germany allegedly by her ex-boyfriend who did not accept that that she was breaking up with him.

 Last weekend 200 Fuenlabrada residents paid their respects with a five minute silence for 22 year old Gema, who was stabbed to death by her jealous 29 year old ex-boyfriend, say police.

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 Gema had spent three years in Germany working in the clothes shop Zara and was preparing to start studying English at the University of Heidelberg. Her ultimate goal was to return to Spain and work with the Guardia Civil.

 Mayor of Fuenlabrada Isidoro Ortega stated at the gathering that the town stands firmly against domestic violence in all of its manifestations and that they will continue to fight against it. The council has decreed a two day period of mourning for the young girwoman. She is said to have had many friends in the area that were despondent after learning of her passing.

Gema’s ex is currently in critical condition after he apparently tried to take his own life by jumping from her fifth floor apartment.


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