Rapists beaten up in Murcia jail

Photo Credit: Pixabay The jail in Murcia doesn’t have cameras everywhere

THREE men who were jailed for raping a 41 year old woman in Santa Rita have been brutally attacked in Murcia Central Prison by other inmates.

The three alleged rapists had only been in the prison for one day before they were all beaten at the same time in the stairwell of a block where there were no security cameras.

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Guards were alerted by the screams of the three men from Senegal and Guinea. When they eventually reached the scene of the incident they immediately transferred the injured prisoners to the infirmary.

Two of the three delinquents had suffered severe haemorrhages whilst the other one suffered only minor injuries. The two who were badly injured were sent to the Virgen de la Arrixaca hospital to receive treatment.

After they had received sufficient treatment the two inmates were taken to a section of the jail known as the ‘Respect Module’ to keep them apart from other prisoners to avoid another incident.


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