Women Robbed at knife point in Murcia

Man arrested

TWO MEN have been arrested for allegedly robbing two women and threatening them with knives in Calle Traperia, Murcia last weekend.

The two men reportedly stole around €50 and two mobile phones from the women in the centre of the town. The men were both wielding rudimental flip knives and forced the women to give up their belongings by pointing them at them. The women did not comply with the robbers at first but eventually after it was clear that their lives were in real danger they succumbed to the delinquents.

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The authorities were able to catch the robbers quickly as the event took place right in the middle of the city and the Local Police had several units on duty at that time. They arrested them with the help of the Special Group Of Citizen Security (GESC) and the National Police and were able to return all of the stolen belongings to the two women.


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