Weed whiff points to pot plantation in Almeria

CONCERNS: Local residents were worried about the strong smell of marijuana in areas where children gathered. CREDIT: Almeria Guardia Civil

AN overwhelming smell of weed wafting out of a property in Roquetas de Mar prompted numerous neighbours’ complaints to the Guardia Civil about a possible indoor marijuana plantation on their doorsteps.

Residents were particularly worried that there was a strong smell of the drug in areas where children gathered.

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Neighbours’ suspicions turned out to be justified.

Sure enough when Guardia officers took a look round the property in the El Parador area they found 236 marijuana plants, plus all the usual kinds of indoor cultivation-boosting paraphernalia.

The discovery led to two arrests on drugs and power supply fraud charges: 60 year-old M.T.R.S. and 41-year old A.J.R.


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