Wavegarden; Waves made in Spain

Image: Shutterstock

The wait for the perfect wave is no longer an issue. Now surfers can enjoy the perfectly designed wave 365 days a year.

Surfing theme parks are the new trend, aimed at surf lovers, but they have attracted increasing interest within the tourism industry.

The brainchild of these artificial lagoons where waves range from 0,5 to 2,4 metres was Basque engineer Josema Odriozola who joined forces with German economist Karin Frisch. The Spanish company Wavegarden SL, based in San Sebastian, has patented some artificial lagoons. After several years dedicated to research and development, the first two surfing facilities developed by this company opened their doors to the public in the United Kingdom (Surf Snowdonia, Wales, which receives 150,000 visitors a year) and the United States (NL and Surf Park , Austin, Texas). There are now 20 openings projects underway: in Australia, Brazil, South Korea, United Kingdom and Spain.



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