WATCH: Dead dolphin washes up on Almeria beach

SAD SIGHT: The creature’s corpse appeared mid-afternoon when the beach was packed. CREDIT: Equinac Facebook

A DEAD dolphin washed up on the Zapillo beach in Almeria city on Tuesday.

A lifeguard noticed the body of the two-metre long creature mid-afternoon when the beach was packed with sunbathers.

They alerted the emergency services, who in turn reported the situation to Maritime Rescue and the Equinac marine life rescue association.


Equinac reported on its Facebook page that the dolphin was a young male and that there were signs of shark bites on the corpse.

The body was removed by the Almeria City Council cleaning services.

Retirada del delfín muerto en Almería, -una vez registrado por Equinac-, por los servicios municipales de limpieza del ayuntamiento de Almería.

Geplaatst door Equinac op Dinsdag 20 augustus 2019



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