Son stabs mother in the throat

LETHAL: A Samurai sword is a lethal weapon that is easily available CREDIT: Picry

A MAN accused of slashing his mother´s throat with a sword has been arrested.

The 48-year-old man was arrested by the National Police in Murcia for allegedly stabbing his mother in the jugular with a Japanese Samurai sword, almost killing her.

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The incident occurred last Sunday in the home of the 66-year-old woman, referred to by police as AG, where she was stabbed. They are at present investigating the case further to uncover the pertinent facts surrounding the cause and extent of the crime.

The mother was rushed to Reina Sofia hospital after the emergency services were called and brought with them the paramedics. Her son went back to the scene of the crime with the police to explain what had happened.

The judge will decide later this week whether the assailant will be sent to prison, a psychiatric ward or set free depending on the results obtained by the forensic teams.


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