High tech age threatens the future of bank tellers in Spain

Credit: Shutterstock

SPANISH banks are reportedly heading more and more towards the digital age, and consequently the service of the bank teller is apparently in danger.

These days, unless you need to perform a complicated operation, chances are that you simply go to an ATM.

Retail bank branches appear to remain relevant, despite an onslaught of technological innovations, but the teller’s days within those branches seem to be numbered.


ATMs have existed for over 50 years now and their capabilities continue to grow. These days online banking through websites and mobile apps are also becoming more popular and user friendly. People want simple and convenient banking, and not to have to go down to the bank in person to have to queue. Not to mention that in Spain, banking hours are very limited.

Of course, not everything can be done via a machine and sometimes something as simple as a machine breaking down outside of the actual bank’s hours, can leave customers in a sticky situation.

As a whole though, sources claim that the number of machines is on the rise.


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