Flowery Start to September Fiestas in Murcia

These flowers in the city are the centre piece of Murcia CREDIT: Flickr

THE STREETS of Murcia are being filled with more than 80,000 flowers in preparation of the September fiestas that begin next week.

Two thousand pink begonias, 2,000 red lattices and 8,500 Zinnias are being set around the centre of Murcia in the parks and some paved areas such as Floridablanca, Malecon, Salitre and Huerto Ferrer.

The Council of Murcia organised the flowers through the company STV Gestion which specialises in large ostentatious decorations.


Councillor for Urban Development and Administration Modernisation Jose Guillen said that the arrangements would help draw attention to the parks and green areas of the city. Guillen has also stated that more than 100 trees that make up the parks in the centre will be replaced.


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