Searching for Spain’s prettiest cemetery

CONTENDER: The San Miguel cemetery in Malaga is in the running for the prettiest in the country. CREDIT:commons.wikimedia

THE search is on for the prettiest cemetery in Spain.

Funeral business website Revistadios is running its annual competition to identify the country’s most attractive resting place for the dearly departed.

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A panel of experts has selected the top 10. Members of the public now have until the end of September to cast an online vote for their favourite.

Candidate cemeteries for the title are Luarca in Asturias, Casares and San Miguel in Malaga,

Ciriedo in Cantabria, Felanitx in Mallorca, Granada, Olvera and Villaluenga del Rosario in Cadiz, Reus in Tarragona and Torrero in Zaragoza.

The current pettiest cemetery titleholder is Olvera.


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