Illegal beach rave dismantled by police in Lloret de Mar

Caption: Cala Sa Boadella beach where the party took place. Source: Wikipedia

An investigation has taken place into an illegal rave that took place in the early hours of Sunday morning on the beach of Cala Sa Boadella in the Girona town of Lloret de Mar.

Around 150 people attended the get together where loud music could be heard emanating from a secluded cove.

Authorities were called after a taxi driver was alerted by large congregations of people in the area and thought it suspicious.


Around 12 agents were dispatched to the scene to break up the gathering and in total; five people have been identified as the so called organisers of the event.

Although the ring leaders have not been arrested, procedures have been put in place to sanction them with fines of up to €100,000.

Music equipment and a PA system have also been confiscated and an investigation is still underway as it is thought there are more organisers still to be identified.

It is thought that the party was put together through social media channels.


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