Dead pensioner’s death suspected gender violence

Dead pensioner’s death suspected gender violence Credit: Shutterstock

THE husband of a 73-year old women found dead in her home in Jaen on Sunday has been arrested in what shows all the signs of another case of gender-based violence, Spanish press reported.

The victim’s daughter came upon her mother’s body when she went round to the house in the provincial capital.

Initial investigations suggest she had been hit several times with an iron bar, according to Spanish media reports.


The couple were in the process of going through a separation, but there had been no reports of mistreatment or abuse.

“So much pain is unbearable. We will not stop until we have finished with gender-based violence”, tweeted acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on his Twitter account on Monday.

He continued, “Our society cannot tolerate this gender-based violence which kills, mistreats, humiliates women.”

Local and provincial politicians joined local residents in a minute’s silence in memory of the pensioner in front of Jaen City Hall on Monday.

If this is proven to be a gender-based violence death it would be the 40th case this year in Spain.



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