A hotel that only allows women to stay has opened in Spain

Som Dona Women Only Hotel Credit: Shutterstock

For some time now there has been a growing business trend focused on the female audience. Female-only gyms have existed for a while, some hotels have women-only floors.

The four-star Som Dona hotel in the resort of Porto Cristo in Mallorca has taken things a step further and has just opened with 39 rooms catering to female-identifying customers only.

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Som Hotels president, Joan Enric Capellá, had observed a gap in the market to catering for this need.

There are already specialised hotels for adults-only, gay-friendly and even hotels for vegans, but as Capellá pointed out, there was nothing in Spain to cater exclusively for women and a survey conducted across the hotel chain found that there was a demand for it.

The hotel, which opened this season, promises a number of packages with a focus on wellness, fitness, health and detox retreats. Also the possibility to bring solo female travellers together to socialise and explore Mallorca’s cultural offerings.

Capellá confirmed that “most” of the hotel workers would be women, too, respecting of course Spain’s parity laws. Capellá added: “One of our objectives is also to give a certain visibility to women doing traditionally masculine jobs.”


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