Murcia on yellow alert as temperatures set to spike tomorrow

Exercise extreme caution in extreme conditions. Credit: Interesting Engineering

THE State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) has warned of dangerous temperatures around 35 degrees in some areas of Murcia and 20 other provinces in Spain tomorrow.

The average temperature in Murcia will be between 30 and 35 degrees but in some areas further inland such as Calasparra, Totana and Lorca these temperatures may exceed 35 degrees.

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Other areas in Spain are on Orange alert including areas around the border between Murcia and Andalucia. The hottest temperatures tomorrow will be recorded in Granada, Jaen and Cordoba where the scorching heat will reach 40 degrees.

 AEMET has predicted that more adverse weather conditions such as strong winds, high humidity and thunderstorms may be heading South due to the wet front that has reached the North coast and is causing heavy rain in Bilbao.

There is rain expected in Murcia on Wednesday next week and potential thunderstorms in warmer inland areas such as Lorca.


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