Young woman forced into prostitution in Valencia

Human trafficking carries a hefty jail sentencePhoto Credit: Flickr

The National Police have arrested a Romanian couple in Beniganim, Valencia for forcing a young woman of the same nationality into prostitution by threatening her with violence.

She was originally promised lucrative work and a better lifestyle in Spain by the detained couple. She subsequently moved with them from Romania thinking that she would be taken care of but she was instead forced to work 10 hours a day in an isolated house offering her body for sex. All of the money went to the couple, so in effect she was a sex slave.

The young woman has told police that she was often raped by her captor and she was forced to have two abortions during her time in the country. She was also regularly beaten according to the police who noticed several wounds and bruises.


Police raided the couple’s house after suspected prostitution was reported and found the woman.

The Court of Valencia has remanded the couple in custody after they were charged with several counts of sexual abuse, coercion and violence.


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