Three dogs eaten by wolf in Spain

Three dogs eaten by wolf in Spain Credit: ShutterStock

A WOMAN in Galicia says that her three dogs, which were chained up in a yard, have been eaten by a wolf.

The woman, named only as Estrella, says she and neighbours saw the predator prowling around the area of A Espiñeira, in the parish of Sistallo, in the municipality of Cospeito. Not thinking the animal would come so close she didn’t think of bringing her pets in. It was only later that she made the sad discovery of three empty collars still attached to the chains.

A neighbour of Estrella, Ana María, said that her daughter saw the wolf one day at 7 am. Their dog was loose so was left unharmed.


A nearby farmer in the rural region says he has lost three sheep to the wolf, which is said to be thin.

Experts advise the best protection against wolves is to have a large mastiff-type dog which is big enough to see of a hungry wolf.


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